“It Gives You Power.”

In 2016, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe restored the voting rights of over 200,000 citizens through a courageous executive order. Over the past month, it’s been our mission to make sure we got as many of those individuals registered to vote in the November 7th election as possible – and now we’re working to make sure they turn out to vote on Election Day.

These are just a few of their faces and stories.

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“I went out in all the cubby holes and all the poor neighborhoods searching and finding and registering people to vote. I went to meetings, I went to churches and asked if I could help people register to vote. All on my own, I registered over 500 people, just like me, who only recently had their voting rights restored. Nothing has felt better.”
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“There are so many ways that we can build out and strengthen our communities. Having my vote back, to me, means that a system that is very broken, has an opportunity to heal.”
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“I have a voice on who I feel should be in office and it gives me the opportunity to get back involved. Now I will be able to help elect the right person to represent my city, county and the country. Of course I’m going to vote again, and I hope everyone who can vote does.”
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"When I first got my vote back, it felt like my currency – my political currency. It’s also accountability because I can hold those elected officials accountable for their actions and have my voice mean something."
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“The letter came and it sai​d ​‘your rights have been restore​d​.’ It was a really good feeling​.​ I wanted to get out of my old ways of saying voting doesn’t matter. And I started caring​.​ ​I​t’s a process but once you have your rights back, you realize just how important they are.”
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“People should not take their voting rights for granted because one vote does matter, and you don’t know what it will take to affect the change that we need. If you don’t vote, you’ll never know.”
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"Voting is power. It’s all of our power and without our power, we get lost in a system that doesn’t serve or represent us. We need to take our power and use it to make change. I hope you all use your power whenever you can."


The goal of this project is simple. We want to register – and turn out – as many NEW voters as possible in the state Virginia to vote in this year’s statewide election on November 7th. We’ve registered the voters, and now with your help, we can reach our goal of turning out at least 100,000 voters to the polls on Election Day.

Please support this campaign by sharing it with everyone you know from Virginia, as well as with all of your friends and family on social media. Finally, we ask that you please give what you can to help us reach as many Virginias as possible between now and November 7th.

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